What Are Some Facts About Goodyear's Viva 2 Recall?

As of August 2015, there has been no recall of the Goodyear Viva 2 tires. Consumer complaints on these tires are plentiful, but there has not been a recall. The sole retailer for these tires, Wal-Mart, still lists them on its website but shows them as out of stock.

The Goodyear Viva 2 tire was a budget tire sold exclusively by Wal-Mart. The tire has a 60,000 tread warranty and a speed rating of “S,” or 112 m.p.h. The tires are reasonably well-reviewed on the website, earning a 3.6 score out of 5. Of 127 reviews, 62 reviews gave the tires a five-star rating and 20 reviews gave them a four-star rating. There are 10 three-star ratings, five two-star ratings and 30 one-star ratings.

Most consumer complaints concern uneven tread wear and sidewalls separating from the tires at high speeds. Other frequent complaints concern slow leaks, poor handling on wet and icy surfaces, cracking, and all-around poor performance. Many of these complaints seem partly motivated by Wal-Mart’s handling of the original complaint.

Despite these complaints, there is no recall information on either the Goodyear or Wal-Mart websites nor is there any indication of a recall on the Recalls.gov website. Recalls.gov lists 12 consumer complaints involving with the sidewall and tread issues, but no recall action is in effect at this time.