Does Goodyear Make Trailer Tires?


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Goodyear makes trailer tires as of 2015. The Unisteel G670 RV and the Unisteel G614 RST are two tire models by Goodyear that are suitable for trailer use. Goodyear claims that the tires fit virtually any trailer.

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The Unisteel G670 RV features protection against ozone and UV rays. The tire has circumferential grooves that increase traction on wet surfaces, a high-technology belt system that provides comfort and increased fuel efficiency. The tread pattern produces less heat and therefore increases strength, reduces squirm and improves the handling of the trailer.

The G614 RST features solid shoulder ribs that increase rib stability and a shallow tread pattern that wears evenly and reduces heat. The rib edge sipes and the lateral grooves of the tire increase traction. The G614 RST is suitable for towing.

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