How Is a Good Way to Clean an EGR Valve?

How Is a Good Way to Clean an EGR Valve?

To clean an EGR valve, remove the valve from the engine, spray the valve with carb cleaner and put the valve back into the engine. Clean the metering rod if needed.

  1. Uninstall the valve

    Locate the valve, apply the rust penetrant to the valve retaining bolt, and allow the bolt to loosen for a few minutes before removing it with socket. Detach the vacuum lines and electrical harness from the valve, and pluck the valve from the engine.

  2. Apply cleaner

    Place the valve on a rag, use carb cleaner to spray the valve, and wipe off the dirt remnants. Take caution to prevent the cleaner from entering the electrical components.

  3. Clean the metering rod if needed

    If the rod does not slide smoothly, soak a cotton swab with the cleaner, and rub the port and rod to remove the dirt. Finally, reinstall the clean valve into the engine compartment.