What Are Some Good Vanity License Plate Ideas?

What Are Some Good Vanity License Plate Ideas?

Good vanity license plate ideas can come from cultural references, funny messages, abbreviations of common phrases or disguising profanities. State DMVs have the option to deny a vanity plate request, so having several ideas is recommended.

Cultural references found on vanity plates come from movies, music or television. "IMAJEDI" is a plate that reflects the driver's appreciation for the "Star Wars" movies. "8675309" references a popular pop song of the 1980s. "DCPTC0N" refers to the popular "Transformers" cartoons.

Cultural references can also incorporate the car's make or model. For example, a white Ford Bronco is a perfect place to use a "NOT OJ" plate, referring to football player OJ Simpson's infamous highway chase. Also, an Acura Legend owner can use "OF ZELDA" to complete a reference to the popular video game.

Funny messages are another good source of vanity plate ideas. "1M2SEXY," "MMMBEER" and "SHOWOFF" are some examples. Funny messages can also incorporate the car type or other information on the plate. One example is a Volkswagen Beetle using an "EW-ABUG" plate. Another example is the Virginia plate that uses "Kids First" as a footer and preceding that with "EATTHE."

Some drivers attempt to use profanities in a subtle way so the DMV does not notice when processing vanity plate requests. Examples include "ALC HOL" in states where a circular object separates the two halves of the plate, and "370H55V," which is read upside down as a profanity using calculator spelling.