How Do You Get a Good Used-Car Deal at Brondes Ford in Maumee?

How Do You Get a Good Used-Car Deal at Brondes Ford in Maumee?

To get a good used car deal at Brondes Ford of Maumee, browse the Pre-Owned Specials section of the dealership's website. Many cars have a link to the PureCars Value Report, which lists the approximate value of the car, as of April 2015.

Visit the home page, and place the cursor over Used Vehicles. Click on Pre-Owned Specials. The results can be sorted by make/model, year, odometer reading or price. You can also compare cars. An icon that reads "Great Deal? Click Here!" is a link to the PureCars Value Report.

General tips for negotiating a good deal on a used car include knowing the car's value, always being prepared to leave without a deal and beginning with a low offer that you can then raise. Websites such as provide an estimated car value based on the model, features and condition. Base your offers on this value.

If the salesman knows you love a specific car, it weakens your position during negotiations. On the other hand, he may not be as willing to negotiate if you don't appear to be serious about buying the car. Explain at the beginning that you may buy a car that day if an acceptable deal can be reached. If you can't reach an acceptable price, remember there are many cars for sale and leave.

Your initial offer should be lower than the car's value and the amount you are willing to pay. From there, you can raise it in small amounts.