How Do You Get a Good Used-Car Deal at Billy Fuccillo Auto Dealership?


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When purchasing vehicles at a Billy Fuccillo Auto dealership, consumers should look for older models of vehicle lines that were recently redesigned. If older models don't have the same look as newer models, reasonable buying prices are more certain.

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Before buying a car from a Billy Fuccillo dealership, it is wise for shoppers to look online to see what other consumers pay for the same models. CarGurus is a resource that lists prices from multiple established automotive sites. Carfax is a well-established vehicle history reporter that charges $30 for each report or $50 for unlimited vehicle histories.

At all used car dealerships, haggling is expected, and it is a useful tactic for achieving lower prices. For those who don't like to haggle themselves, Carsala is a useful service that haggles on behalf of their clients. After Carsala haggles a discounted price, customers conduct their own test drives and make their final buying decisions. Before final purchase, securing a vehicle history is also rewarding.

With over 20 locations through the state of New York, Fuccillo is a fairly large regional dealership. Fucillo dealerships sell new and used cars. The company publicizes its large contributions to charity, including a $200,000 donation to the Salvation Army in 2014.

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