What Are Some Good Types of Portable Diesel Fuel Tanks?

Highly rated portable diesel fuel tanks include Roughneck's 30-gallon fuel caddy, the 14-gallon DuraMax Flo 'N Go and Overton's 25-gallon Fuel Daddy, all of which are available at NorthernTool.com and Overtons.com. Portable Tanks sells the 28-gallon gas caddy, which meets U.S. Coast Guard, UN and Department of Transport safety requirements.

The steel-walled Roughneck 30-gallon fuel caddy features a rotary pump that discharges 1 gallon with each set of 12 revolutions, a visual gauge that shows the fuel level and a leak-resistant bottom drain plug for easy emptying. The Duramax 14-gallon polyethylene fuel caddy features a 10-foot-long hose with a Flo 'N Go siphon and pump. Overton's 25-gallon Fuel Daddy sits in a metal frame and has 10-inch tires to aid maneuverability.