What Are Some Good Types of Fog Light Covers?


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Some good types of fog light covers include fog light film covers, universal round light covers and universal light bar covers. The fog light covers vary in their presentations and colors, and they come in varieties like gunsmoke, clear, orange tint, yellow tint and regular tint.

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Fog light film covers are typically made from a transparent protective film, which is designed to fit onto the surface of the fog light with an adhesive-backing. The protective film is easy to install, and its pliable shape allows it to be set over all types of fog light systems. Because of how low to the ground fog lights are, they typically experience damage in the form of stones, dirt and other debris scratching their surface. A fog light cover protects the surface from ultraviolet radiation as well as from physical damage.

Additionally, the fog light covers change the color of the fog lights. Drivers can choose from yellow to orange to darker tones based on where they are driving and how they would like their fog lights to look. Some brands also provide customers with green, pink and blue lights. The lights come in factory-sized varieties or raw sheets that drivers can cut out and custom fit onto their vehicles.

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