What Are Some Good Types of Automotive Refrigerant?


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A good type of automotive refrigerant to use is the R134a because it has been touted as more environmentally friendly than its predecessors, the R12 and R22, as of 2015. Both the R12 and R22 were removed from the automotive market in 1994 because they were identified to contribute to atmospheric ozone depletion. If a car still uses R12 and R22, it needs to be retrofitted to accept R134a.

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Individuals who use the old refrigerant may find their air conditioning systems weren't as cold when they changed over and started using R134a. This is the main disadvantage of R134a.

Europe has started to replace R134a with the R152a. The new refrigerant blows colder and is safer for the environment, and it can be used directly in an existing R134a system without retrofits or adjustments. It is also less dense than R134a, which can potentially improve fuel economy. The disadvantage of R152a is that it's a flammable gas.

HFO-1234yf is another alternative to R134a. It is the only refrigerant that meets EPA and European Union standards. However, HFO-1234yf is also a flammable gas, although slightly less flammable than R152a.

Make sure to completely purge the air conditioning system of the old refrigerant before replacing it. Dispose of the old refrigerant properly to prevent it from harming the atmosphere.

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