What Are Some Good Travel Trailers?

What Are Some Good Travel Trailers?

Some good travel trailers include the Airstream, Casita lightweight trailers and the Tonke Campers. Others are the iCamp trailer, Egg Camper and the Serro-Scotty trailer.

Airstream travel trailers are rated highly as a good standard trailer. Airstream are luxury-style trailers that are often used as mobile homes. They are made of aluminum and manufactured in Ohio. Prices vary, but are usually moderately priced.

The Tonke Campers are smaller in size and similar to old-fashioned caravans. They have a wooden shell with paneling inside. These are not only used for traveling, but also as a workspace or guest house in a backyard.

The Casita trailers are lightweight and ideal for small families of two to six people. There is a rounded fiberglass trailer shell, and many of the trailers come with a toilet and private shower. Regardless of these amenities, this is one of the more affordable travel trailers to choose from.

Another affordable travel trailer is the Egg Camper. Like its name, it is shaped like an egg. It is also made from fiberglass materials. This trailer is assembled in Michigan.

The iCamp is a little pricier than the Casita and Egg Camper, but still an affordable choice. It is made in China with aluminum tubing frames and a fiberglass shell. There is built-in storage inside the trailer. The Serro-Scotty trailer stopped production in 1997, but originals were reproduced starting in 2007.