What Are Some Good Tips for Installing TYC Lights?


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One tip for installing TYC lights is to clean the interior of lenses that have become cloudy or dirty in order to ensure optimal light output and visibility. Another tip is to avoid handling the bulb with bare fingers because oil may damage the glass and metal, which may shorten the operational life of the bulb. Applying dielectric grease to the base of the bulb is another installation tip that may ensure better electrical contact.

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The process of replacing automotive lights may differ slightly depending on make and model, but the basic steps remain the same for most vehicles. Many vehicles feature lighting assemblies that allow the bulb socket to be pulled free for quick and easy installation. Always refer to the owner's manual in order to find specific information regarding bulb changes and installation. Begin the installation by opening the hood, trunk or hatch in order to access the rear of the light assembly.

Disconnect the wiring harness and pull the original bulb free by pulling the bulb base free of the assembly. Rotating the bulb and socket assembly in order to facilitate removal is common for many vehicles. After installing TYC bulbs, reinstall the bulb and socket assembly and reconnect the wiring harness. Turn the ignition and activate the lights in order to verify a successful installation.

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