What Are Some Good Tips for Getting the Best Deal on Used Vehicles?


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Buying cars that are different from what is currently in fashion, looking at models that were recently redesigned, shopping online and using a vehicle history report service are good ways to get the best possible deal on a used vehicle, suggests Kiplinger. Also consider looking at market trends, such as recent prices for various vehicle types, to determine the kind of vehicles to target.

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Since gas prices are often on consumers' minds, small, fuel-efficient vehicles tend to be more expensive than larger, less fuel-efficient vehicles. For those who prefer extra space for passengers and cargo over a high miles-per-gallon rating, buying a bigger vehicle can come with some substantial savings. When a model is redesigned, the used versions from the past few years tend to depreciate sharply; especially the less the new model resembles the old one.

Certain brands with recent high-profile recalls, such as Toyota, are sometimes heavily discounted. Potential buyers should ensure the recall-related issues have been resolved, though, before taking advantage of the savings. Shopping online is a good way to find the best deals, as it allows buyers to quickly browse many cars over a wide area, advises Kiplinger. To make sure that what seems like a good deal truly is a good deal, utilize a vehicle history report service to determine if the vehicle has been in any accidents or other disasters.

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