What Are Some Good Tips for Buying Used Motorhomes?

What Are Some Good Tips for Buying Used Motorhomes?

Potential buyers of used motorhomes have five tasks: to identify their personal needs for the motorhome, to research the make and model they're interested in, to search online and on the street, to inspect the motorhome thoroughly before purchase and to negotiate a good price. These tips help ensure a motorhome purchase is a good investment.

Identifying personal needs for an RV helps a buyer narrow down choices, as some motorhomes offer better value than others depending on a buyer's situation and intended use.

Researching the make and model of the motorhome helps identify the good and bad of a particular RV model. Visiting local RV clubs and shows and reading online RV reviews are great ways to learn more about a particular motorhome. Searching online and on the street helps in locating the best deals available.

Inspecting the RV thoroughly before purchase helps ensure the vehicle is in tiptop condition before buying. It pays to have a checklist of things to look for when inspecting an RV. Some of the prominent features to evaluate include the refrigerator, propane tank, water tank, electrical system and engine system.

Negotiating a good price helps a buyer stay within budget. If an RV seller won't budge on the price, buyers should be prepared to walk away, but do so politely. This helps establish a good rapport with the seller, and he will be more inclined to call if he changes his mind.