What Are Some Good Sites to Buy Used Cars From Private Owners?

Some sites that contain listings for used cars sold by private owners include NothingButCars.net, Auto Trader and Car Gurus. Online auction sites, such as eBay, also contain listings for used cars from private sellers

The Auto Trader website features listings for used cars sold by both dealers and private sellers, so users who wish to use the site must first narrow results to only include vehicles for sale by owner. Once this is done, users can view listings based on the location of the seller, as well as by vehicle make, model and price range. Each posting contains information about the car from the seller, which can include pictures and a description of the vehicle's condition.

NothingButCars.net's used car listings contain the year, make, model, mileage and ZIP Code of the seller, as well as the asking price. Some postings contain pictures, but it is not a requirement. The site offers users a loan calculator tool that gives a rough estimate of how much an auto loan would cost based on that particular vehicle.

Listings on eBay feature a seller rating system that allows users to see reviews of that sellers past transactions. This is useful when determining if a private seller is trustworthy.