What Are Some Good Shocks for Trucks?

What Are Some Good Shocks for Trucks?

Some popular shocks for trucks include Rancho, Bilstein, ProComp and Monroe shocks. These shocks are built to withstand extreme off-road conditions and ensure that trucks perform at their best.

Rancho’s RS9000XL and quickLIFT shock absorbers improve ride quality and overall performance. Their superior engineering ensures quick installation, and their remote-controlled myRIDE tuning technology means that you can adjust your shocks’ settings depending on the terrain at the touch of a button.

Bilstein’s 4600, 5100 and 5160 Series shocks are renowned for their stability and longevity. The Bilstein 4600 Series shocks work well on light trucks and SUVs, while the 5100 and 5600 Series are ideal for HD and lifted trucks, according to the auto experts at Auto Anything. These shocks promise unmatched performance at reasonable prices.

ProComp has a variety of high-performance OEM shock replacements that ensure drivers experience a smooth ride on all kinds of terrain. Their ES Series shocks come with a lifetime guarantee against factory defects.

Monroe’s Reflex and Magnum Series are ideal for trucks of all sizes. They also offer electronic shocks for trucks with electronic suspension kits. The company’s 75 years of experience guarantees state-of-the-art equipment that is long-lasting and adaptable to the customer's needs.