What Are Some Good Reviews Sites for Trucks?

What Are Some Good Reviews Sites for Trucks?

Motortrend.com, Edmunds.com, ConsumerReports.org and CarandDriver.com are excellent review sites that offer high-quality, detailed reviews about trucks. Whether purchasing a new or used truck, buyers should do research on these sites to find the best truck to fit their needs.

MotorTrend.com is a website that offers truck reviews conducted by experts. The experts at Motor Trend perform road tests and analyze many aspects of trucks, such as the interior, the bed or box and the exterior or body.

Edmunds.com is a popular car review site, and its truck section is reputable. Users can browse the website and search for trucks by make, model, price range or feature. Editors of Edmunds.com also conduct road tests on a variety of trucks and offer potential buyers useful information and details about each vehicle.

Another long-trusted review company is ConsumerReports.org. On its site, Consumer Reports offers reviews in three categories: Overall Pickup Trucks, Compact and Reliable Used Pickup Trucks. This site also has a buying guide for consumers. Consumer Reports has a news section to keep readers up-to-date about new trucks available on the market.

CarandDriver.com has a helpful list of the best trucks of 2015, including mid-size and full-size trucks. The Car and Driver site homepage has links to reviews of all types of cars, SUVs and trucks. Car and Driver conducts both road tests and instrumented tests on vehicles. The site features editors' picks of the best tested vehicles and information about all the details buyers want to know about potential purchases.