What Are Some Good Retailers That Sell Ford High Performance Engines?

What Are Some Good Retailers That Sell Ford High Performance Engines?

High-performance Ford engines are available at Ford Racing Parts Direct, Jegs and Paul's Automotive. All three are Ford-authorized distributors that have been featured on the website of Ford Performance.

Ford Racing Parts offers a 24-month and 24,000-mile warranty with every engine. It also offers free shipping on some engines. Once on the specifications page of an engine, look for a red Free Shipping icon below the prices to determine whether or Ford Racing Parts ships it for free. Ford Racing Parts does not offer returns and states that all sales are final.

Jegs also offers free shipping with some engines. Customers can determine whether or not an engine is shipped for free by looking for a green Free Shipping & Handling sign above the price of on engine on its specifications page. Although Jegs offers refunds for unsatisfactory engines, the refund does not include shipping and handling fees.

Paul's Automotive does not have an online catalog of engines. As such, customers contact the company either in person or by calling 513-791-1087. Paul's Automotive specializes in high-performance modifications and has worked with professional racers.

Ford has five categories of high-performance engine: modular, 302, 351, sealed and EcoBoost. Able to produce 540 horsepower at 7,000 rounds per minute, the M-6007-S374W from the sealed category is the most powerful high-performance Ford engine as of December 2015. It displaces 374 cubic inches with a compression ratio of 11.0:1. The engine is suitable for racing on both asphalt and dirt surfaces.