What Are Some Good Ratchet Strap Instructions?


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To use a ratchet strap, thread the loose end through the slot in the center of the spool end, pull the loose end firmly, and then ratchet by raising and lowering the ratchet handle until the strap tension is tight. Release the strap by opening the ratchet, pressing the release lever and pulling the loose web end out of the spool. Ratchet straps hold things firmly in place, such as a kayak on top of a car.

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Choose a ratchet strap with a working load limit that is greater than the weight of the item the strap is holding. To determine the working load limit, look at the break strengths of the components of the ratchet system. The webbing, the actual ratchet and the end fittings of the latch system often have different break strengths. It is important to look at the lowest one when computing the working load limit.

After finding the lowest break strength of the system components, divide that number by three. That is the working load limit. Do not use the ratchet to carry anything that weighs more than that number. The key advantage of using ratchet straps to secure a load is that they are easy to tighten. Ratchet-tightened straps keep things securely in place better hand-tightened straps.

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