How Do You Find Good Quality 4x6 Trailers?

How Do You Find Good Quality 4x6 Trailers?

To find a good quality 4x6 trailer, think about whether an open or enclosed trailer suits your needs better, inspect the tires, calculate the trailer gross vehicle weight rating, and consider the ease of loading and unloading. Trailers are convenient for transporting products, equipment and other large items.

The choice between open and closed trailer depends on the intended usage. Open trailers are good for people who need extra space for transporting items. A steel rail around the edge of an open trailer helps to keep equipment in place during transportation. Closed trailers are good for people using their trailers for secondary storage. Most trailers have a ball hitch that attaches to the tow vehicle.

Choosing the right tires depends on the intended load. Tires are usually available in six, eight and 10 ply. It is also important that the tires have the correct amount of air pressure to transport loads safely.

Gross vehicle weight rating refers to the combined weight of the trailer and load capacity. Use a calculator to determine this rating. It is a good idea to choose a trailer with a higher gross vehicle weight rating than the intended load. Check the owner’s manual to find out the maximum towing weight of the tow vehicle before purchasing a trailer. Contact the vehicle dealer for this information in the absence of an owner’s manual.

Lastly, check the ease of loading and unloading equipment and other items onto the trailer. Four-by-six trailers typically have a side-ramp gate that flips or folds up or a ramp gate that is lowered by hand.