Where Are Some Good Places to Find Chevrolet 350 Engines for Sale?

As of 2015, some places to find a Chevrolet 350 engine for sale include eBay.com, Jegs.com or directly from Chevrolet. Jegs.com and Chevrolet sell new 350 engines, but used engines are available from eBay.com.

When searching eBay for a Chevrolet 350 engine, it is possible to limit the search results by brand, warranty, condition and price. Many of the engines on eBay come with free shipping, but the details of every listing may be different from the next. Some of the listings on eBay are also auctions, so it is important to read the listing thoroughly before bidding or purchasing.

Jegs.com has Chevy 350 engines available, too, and these engines are all new and not remanufactured in any way. Each engine from Jegs.com comes with a warranty of three years or up to 100,000 miles. Free shipping is available from Jegs.com, and there are several options and packages to fit different needs and vehicles. There are also generic engines available from Jegs that fit into a Chevrolet 350.

Chevrolet also sells Chevy 350 engines directly to consumers. There are six different modifications available when buying an engine from Chevrolet, and the engines are available from local Chevy dealerships. To find a local dealership, enter a ZIP code into the Chevrolet website.