What Are Some Good Options for Vehicle Signs?


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Depending on the vehicle's use, some good options for vehicle signs can be magnetic, wrap, lettering, graphics or decals. These different types of signs may be useful for either businesses that want to advertise their services or for police or emergency vehicles. For example, if a business does not want its vehicles with a permanent sign, then a magnetic product may be a good option, as noted by Signarama.com.

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Magnetic vehicle signs are available in spot vinyl colors or full-color graphics for cars or trucks, as noted by Signarama.com. These are signs that can be removed easily and may be useful for vehicles used for purposes, such as real estate agencies, food delivery cars or HVAC or plumber's truck.

If a business wants a permanent vehicle sign for advertising purposes, it may opt for vehicle wrap, lettering, graphics or a combination of lettering and graphics. When a company wants the most exposure or brand visibility, then car wrap can be a good option for advertising or marketing its specific product. Car wrap is the application of a vinyl graphic sheet onto a painted vehicle. Car wrap is durable because it can stay intact for up to five years, as noted by In Sight Sign Company.

However, car lettering or graphics can be very versatile and useful for cars, trucks, vans, trailers and police and emergency vehicles. Decals are also available for police, fire and emergency vehicles that have reflective vinyl for spot color. Designs for decals can be very detailed graphics or customized to fit exact specifications or requirements.

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