What Are Some Good Motorcycle Oils?

What Are Some Good Motorcycle Oils?

Synthetic oils are the best for motorcyles. The synthetic oils that a motorcycle owner should know about include Mobil motorcycle oil, Lucas motorcycle oil and Valvoline motorcycle oil.

Mobil motorcycle oil is a product of the advanced synthetic oil technology. The oil can withstand tough riding conditions and the heat that motorcycle engines produce. For a water-cooled sports bike, Mobil recommends Mobil 1 Racing 4T 10W-40. On the other hand, an air-cooled V-Twin bike gets Mobil 1 V-Twin 20W-50.

Lucas motorcycle oil provides high-quality performance when most required. It is the product of a technology that blends gear and motor oils targeting the racing industry. In terms of cost, the oil is cheap and readily available in many retail stores. Motorcycle owners who have used the oil say that it reduces engine temperatures.

Valvoline motorcycle oil is a product of a synthetic formula that increases power and acceleration. It is a four-stroke oil, which some motorcycle owners say provides a good wet clutch protection. The wet clutch protection enables the rider to experience full power transfer and smooth shifting. Those who have used the oil say that they notice fewer deposits in the engine. That is because of the oil's wear and corrosion protection.

Synthetic oils perform better than petroleum oils. They can withstand high temperature and resist shear. The oils can be adjusted chemically to a degree that delivers the type of lubrication that the manufacturer wants.