What Are Some Good Methods to Practice for a G2 Driving Exam?


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Tips for practicing for a G2 driving exam include getting a lot of driving practice, practicing in empty parking lots, getting familiar with two point and three point turns, and driving around the testing area. Be sure to get a good night’s sleep the day before the test, and eat a healthy breakfast on the day of the exam to be physically and mentally alert for the test.

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Get as much driving practice as possible, preferably in the car you intend to drive on the day of the exam. Practice helps to get comfortable operating a vehicle, especially for new drivers. Each car feels a little different so practicing with the specific vehicle used for the test can increase confidence. A driving school may help if you do not have access to a vehicle to practice on.

Office parking lots are good places to practice driving particularly on weekends when they are empty. Carry cones to help practice different parking scenarios. Practice how to reverse and enter into parking stalls, how to park downhill and uphill and how to parallel park.

Get familiar with two point and three point turns because they are part of the test. Dedicate a few hours specifically for this skill to gain confidence and perfect the turns.

Lastly, practice diving on different roads surrounding the testing site. The driving test is likely to be completed on these roads. Pay attention to potential hazards, road signs and speed limits.

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