Is It a Good Idea to Buy a Car Being Sold "as Is"?


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The wisdom of buying a car that is being sold "as is" comes down to whether the dealer has been transparent about this and has disclosed the auto's condition, so that the decision to buy it is made knowingly. If the dealer has properly marked a car for sale "as is," which it should do in the Buyers Guide, then it is very possible to purchase the vehicle at a great deal.

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Is It a Good Idea to Buy a Car Being Sold "as Is"?
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It is impossible to tell exactly what problems an "as is" car might have. It may have only a few, and those may be minor or at least easy to be fixed. In these cases, the discounted price tag will make up for imminent repairs.

Once an "as is" car is purchased and driven off the lot, it cannot be returned, so it is not a good idea to go this route if there is any type of resistance in accepting this term of sale. Dealers are effectively shielded from any responsibilities.

Some states do not allow "as is" sales, including Connecticut, Kansas, New York and Massachusetts, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC recommends contacting the attorney general of the state where the vehicle is being sold to see if it has "as is" sales.

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