What Are Some Good Engine-Oil-Removal Pumps?


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LiquiVac, Reverso, Pela, Groco and Johnson pumps are good engine-oil-removal pumps, as of 2015. Oil-removal pumps help in changing the oil of the engines of vehicles. Some oil-removal pumps are manually operated, while others use electricity; these oil-removal pumps vary in design and prices.

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Oil in vehicles functions as a lubricant and absorbs the heat produced by the moving parts of the engine. Over time, the oil gets worn out, and this results in less lubrication and more heat production that can damage the engine. Changing the engine oil is essential for both durability and performance of the engine.

LiquiVac oil-change pumps use vacuum technology to drain oil from engines. A user connects the dipstick of the pump to the hose of the engine, and the pump then creates a vacuum. The pump extracts oil from the engine through the dipstick tube. LiquiVac's official website is freely accessible, and users can purchase the pumps online.

Pela oil pumps also apply vacuum concept of extracting oil from engines. The user operates the pumps manually, thus no electricity expenses. Pela pumps are environmentally friendly devices that are easy-to-operate. The pumps also work with a broad range of machines such as boats, generators and other equipment.

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