How Do You Get a Good Deal on a New Truck?


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To get a good deal on a truck, choose the model you want, and decide how much you are going to pay for it. Look for rebates and low-financing options online, or find a good loan, making sure that the interest rate is no more than 4 percent. Go back to the dealership, and negotiate. If the salesperson doesn't agree to the price you decided you can pay, go to another dealership, and try getting a better deal.

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How Do You Get a Good Deal on a New Truck?
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To decide how much you should pay for the car, get all the information about the car, including color, accessories that are included and engine information. Enter this information into a form on Edmunds or Kelley Blue Book. The websites present users with three prices, including MSRP, average transaction price and invoice price.

MSPT is the price that is almost the same to the retail price. Invoice price is how much dealers pay for the car. Average transaction price is how much buyers usually pay. A good deal is when you buy the car for the price in between the invoice price and the average transaction price.

A buyer's chances of getting a good deal on a car rise if he comes to negotiate towards the end of the month on Friday an hour before the dealership closes. Buyers typically get lower prices if they say that they are ready to buy today.

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