How Do You Get a Good Deal on a Ford F150 Platinum?


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As of 2016, the websites AutoBlog.com and Cars.com contain lists of new, used or certified pre-owned vehicles including Ford F-150 Platinums. Before looking for a Ford F-150 Platinum, look on an appraisal website such as KBB.com to determine the fair-market value of the vehicle.

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On AutoBlog.com or Cars.com, you can browse available listings among car dealerships for a Ford F-150 Platinum for any model year. You can search for vehicles near a particular local geographic region or in different areas of the United States. Sort the search results by lowest to highest price to look for vehicles in an area with a lower price range. Many of the used vehicles available in the search results also come with free Carfax reports so you can review potential red flags in the vehicle history.

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