What Are Some Good Cars for Towing Behind a Motor Home?


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Some cars that are good to tow behind motor homes are Fiat's 500, Honda's CRV, MINI's Cooper and Chevrolet's Spark. While it is possible to tow bigger cars, SUVs and trucks behind an RV if they are capable of being flat-towed, it is easier and safer to tow small cars.

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The best vehicles to tow are those that are lightweight and ready to flat-tow. Flat-towing is towing a car with all four wheels on the ground. The heavier the vehicle, the more wear and tear your RV and tow system will endure. If a car cannot be flat-towed, you must tow it with a tow-dollies, which can add anywhere from 500 to 1,500 extra pounds of weight. It is possible to flat-tow the 500, CRV, Cooper or Spark, all of which are very light.

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