What Are Some Good Cars to Tow Behind Motorhomes?


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Good cars to tow behind a recreational vehicle depend on the choice of towing with or without a tow dolly, but Jeeps and Dodge pickups are usually good choices for dingy towing. Typically, dingy-style towing requires a two-wheel drive vehicle with a manual transmission or a four-wheel drive one with a manual transfer case that the driver can put in neutral. With a tow dolly, owners can tow practically any vehicle.

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Many RV owners prefer towing a vehicle on its own tires rather than using a tow dolly or trailer. The trailer requires additional storage space, both at home and at the campsite. It also requires additional work to prepare the vehicle for towing. Towing with all four tires on the ground is dingy towing. Prior to towing any vehicle behind an RV, consult the driver's manual to confirm towing is safe and appropriate.

RV owners often choose to tow a vehicle because doing so offers them more freedom upon arriving at their campsite. They can unhook the car for errands or sightseeing in areas where taking the larger RV is not appropriate. The towed vehicle makes it easier to find parking and maneuver when in the city and eliminates the need to set up and level the RV after each trip.

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