What Is a Good Car Wash Brush?


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Some of the best-rated vehicle brushes according to reviews on Amazon.com include the Carrand 93053, the Camco 43633, the Carrand 93072 and the Carrand 94039. The first three are brushes with long handles. The Carrang 94039 is a smaller brush with a short handle for scrubbing bumpers and wheels.

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All of these products have received average ratings of at least four out of five stars as of December 2015.

The Carrand 93053 and the Camco 43633 are relatively straight-forward brushes. The former features an 8-inch head and a 48-inch handle. The Camco brush has an 11-inch head and a handle that adjusts from 43 inches to 71 inches.

The Carrand 93072 is one of the brand's Flow-Thru models, and it functions as a combined brush and hose spray nozzle. It features a 10-inch brush head, a handle that adjusts up to 71 inches and a swivel hose attachment for easy use.

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