What Are Some Good Car Trivia Questions?

One example of a good car trivia question is: Which Japanese car manufacturer was the first to sell their cars in the United Kingdom? Although a larger company such as Honda or Toyota may seem like a logical choice, the answer is actually little-known manufacturer Daihatsu. The company first exported small numbers of its car the Compagno to the United Kingdom in 1955.

Another question that comes from the annals of automobile history is: How many 1940 Chrysler Newport Dual-Cowl Phaetons were manufactured? There were only six because the car was produced as a publicity stunt. Another fact about the Newport Phaeton is that it was used as the pace car for the 1941 Indianapolis 500 race. Other racers are not allowed to pass the pace car during certain caution periods of the race, such as a track obstruction.

Here's another obscure question: How many wheels did Dodge's T-Rex truck have? The conceptual T-Rex model, which never actually made it to production, had six wheels. Also in the realm of Dodge trivia, the first names of company founders the Dodge brothers were John and Horace. The Ford Thunderbird is a popular classic and a good source of trivia. For example, the Thunderbird was created as a response to the Chevrolet Corvette, and Ford's employees gave the Thunderbird the nickname "Personal Car."