What Are Some Good Buyers Guides for Classic Cars?

Informative classic car buyer guides are available on websites such as CarFax.com and MensJournal.com. Classic car price guides are also featured on NadaGuides.com and Hemmings.com.

CarFax features a classic car buying guide that covers the topics of choosing the car, setting a budget, shopping for the car and inspecting the car. To choose the right car, search online forums and marketplaces, car shows and magazines. Gather the current selling prices of the selected car and set a maximum budget limit. Search online auction sites, car dealerships, and local car shows and clubs for the best price. Inspect the car for maintenance records and functionality, or hire a reputable vintage car authority to inspect the car.

Men's Journal offers helpful tips for buying classic cars, such as avoiding buying cars with rust and looking for vehicles with classic paint combinations. Check to see if the car's parts match the vehicle's VIN, as vehicles with matching numbers are often more valuable. Search for classic vehicles with lower mileage and production numbers.

To use classic car price guides for price estimates, enter the vehicle's make, model and year. NADA Guides offers the vehicle's original MSRP, low retail, average retail and high retail price. Hemmings shows the average, highest, and lowest asking price of the vehicle in the last three years.