What Are Some Good Brands of Motor Oil to Use?


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Some of the best brands of motor oil, according to PepBoys.com, include Pennzoil, Castrol, Mobil 1, Valvoline and Royal Purple. Peak, Shell, Quaker State and Motorcraft are also top motor oil brands.

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What Are Some Good Brands of Motor Oil to Use?
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All of the motor oil available from Pep Boys and other oil change experts have different purposes, depending on the vehicle. All vehicles have a certain motor oil that works for them, and using the wrong oil could severely damage the engine. The four main types of motor oil are conventional, diesel, synthetic and high-mileage. Synthetic is a common motor oil type for both cars and trucks, and Pep Boys recommends Castrol, Penzoil, Mobil 1, Royal Purple and Peak for customers whose vehicles need synthetic oil.

For those who prefer to do oil changes at home, Pep Boys has a feature on the company website that shows which brand and type of oil is right for a certain vehicle. By answering a series of questions, such as how many miles the vehicle has and what type of driving conditions it goes through, the website presents several options to choose from. Alternatively, a customer can take a vehicle to a reputable oil change company and allow the experts to choose the right oil for the car.

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