What Are Good Brands of Marine Batteries?


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The Optima BlueTop and The Interstate DCM0035 are two of the best marine batteries available, according to Fishing Tips Depot. The BlueTop model is specifically designed for tough marine applications with a lifespan of up to three times other brands. The Interstate model is more affordable and provides similar performance.

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In addition to having an extended life, Optima batteries have vibration resistance which gives them an advantage over other plate designs that may fall apart under stressful boating conditions. Another benefit of the Optima battery is that it is completely sealed so that battery fluid cannot leak out. This battery provides the highest quality in 2015, claims Fishing Tips Depot.

The Interstate model holds up nicely but it lacks the spiral wrapped technology that the Optima has. This makes it more susceptible to damage if there are large amounts of vibration.

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