What Are Some Good Boat Names?

What Are Some Good Boat Names?

Some good boat names are Eclipse, Ecstasea, Black Swan and Due South. Other good boat names include Event Horizon, Falling Star, Just a Splash and Genuine Draft.

Some boat names are created to draw attention to the fact that the owners of the boats are financially well-off. Names for boats that fall into this category include Dual Income, Easy Winnings, Joint Custody, Tax Holiday and Petty Cash.

Many popular names for boats have to do with weather, nature and the sea. These include Summer Wind, Ocean Suite, Lake Breeze and Flying Cloud. Other names of this sort are Sea Spirit, Seahorse, Windsong and Endless Summer.

Many good boat names depend on puns or other wordplay. Examples of such names include Knot On-Call, Miss Behavin', Nauti Buoy and Reel Time. Others of this type are Knot Working and Fantasea. Wet Dream is another tongue-in-cheek name for a boat, as are Liquid Asset and Seaduction.

Some original and unique names for boats include Tangled Sheets, Thud, Torrid, Unruly Julie and Xylocaine. Other interesting boat names are Gumdrop, Great Pumpkin, Feng Shui and August Moon.

The Boat Owners Association of The United States lists the most popular boat names of 2015 as Serenity, Seas the Day, Andiamo, Aquaholic and Second Wind, followed by Island Time, Happy Ours, Journey, Serendipity and Relentless.