Where Is Golf Cart Battery Wiring?


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Most golf carts have a set of batteries, and the wiring that connects them to each other, under the seat. To access them, the seat cushion must first be removed.

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When the seating is removed, the set of batteries is visible. Most often there are four or six batteries that are connected to each other by wires. One wire connects the positive terminal of the first battery to the positive lead from the cart frame. The next wire connects the negative terminal on the first battery to the positive terminal on the second battery. The wiring continues from the negative terminal on one to the positive terminal on the next until no batteries are left. The negative terminal on the last battery connects with the negative lead on the cart frame.

When the wires are being set in place, care must be taken to ensure that they do not come in close contact with the battery caps, because the caps are used to refill the batteries with water. The nuts used in attaching the wires in place should not be overly tightened, because that may deform the lead component in the head. Battery exteriors can be cleaned with baking soda and water.

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