What Is the GM Roadside Assistance Program?

What Is the GM Roadside Assistance Program?

GM Roadside Assistance provides assistance to stranded motorists enrolled in the program. The program sends out technicians to help with things such as a battery jump start, vehicle lockout and emergency fuel delivery.

GM's Roadside Assistance is available to enrolled motorists 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. GM drivers with OnStar simply press the blue button for roadside assistance and those without OnStar call a toll-free number to ask for help.

Generally, GM Roadside Assistance is free, but some services do incur a fee. For example, if a car must be towed past the closest GM dealer, drivers will need to pay for the service. Lost keys that must be remade cost money as do non-warranty parts a vehicle needs.

Each member of the GM family has a different number for its roadside assistance program.

  • Chevy: 800-243-8872
  • GMC: 800-677-4927
  • Buick: 800-252-1112
  • Cadillac: 800-224-1400
  • Hummer: 888-275-5608
  • Pontiac: 800-762-3743
  • Saab: 877-271-1708
  • Saturn: 866-15-5839
  • Oldsmobile: 888-881-3304

Roadside Assistance is staffed with technicians trained to deal with a variety of situations. They can arrange towing to the nearest GM dealership, change a flat tire, or make a new key, if necessary. GM offers roadside assistance in all 50 states. For more information or to check eligibility on a specific vehicle, consult a GM dealership.