What Are Some GM Paint Codes?


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Some examples of GM paint codes are WA384A for Ebony Twilight or Mosaic Black, WA8555 for Onyx Black, WA143X for Midnight Amethyst, WA121V for Iridium and WA501Q for Black Granite. These are the codes for GM manufacturing paint but some codes do exist for other paint manufacturers such as Sherwin Williams, Dupont and Ditzler PPG. Users can view paint codes for GM vehicles dating back to 1927 at PaintRef.com.

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Some colors only have the GM manufacturing paint code, while other colors have codes for four additional paint manufacturers. The codes for each manufacturer are different for each color. For example, Summit White has a GM code of WA8624, a Ditzler PPG code of 6260, a Dupont code of B8550, a Glasurit code of GM-8624 and a Sherwin Williams code of 34851.

Some colors are listed under different names but have the same GM paint code. For example, Iridescent Pearl and White Frost have a code of WA140X, Midnight Amethyst and Sable have a code of WA143X, and Deep Garnett and Butte Red have a code of WA142X.

A single color can have many different shades and different paint codes. For example, shades of red include Cardinal Red with a code of WA130X, Crimson Red with a code of WA405Y, Copper Red with a code of WA138X and Crystal Red with a code of WA505Q.

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