Are Gas or Diesel Trucks a Better Value?


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Over a five-year period, gasoline-powered trucks usually cost owners less than comparable diesel models, according to Forbes. Diesels usually get better gas mileage, are more durable and have better resale value but are more expensive to buy, repair, maintain and insure.

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Are Gas or Diesel Trucks a Better Value?
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The exact cost of ownership for a truck varies from model to model and is less expensive for some diesel models than for their gas-powered counterparts. Another important variable when making comparisons is the relative cost of diesel versus gasoline. When diesel fuel is much more expensive than gas, the balance shifts in favor of gas-powered models. When the cost per gallon for fuel is more equal, diesel engines become more economical.

Other factors affect whether a gas or diesel-powered truck is a good value for a particular owner. Diesel engines can usually deliver more torque, which means a diesel engine will deliver smoother performance with a heavy payload or trailer. If an owner needs to carry auxiliary fuel tanks regularly, diesel is a safer choice as it is less combustible. Diesel vehicles also have a longer range between fill-ups, making them good choices in areas where fueling stations are widely spaced, but diesel fuel can be harder to find, as not all service stations supply it.

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