Are There Any Games Designed to Help You Practice Taking Driving Tests?


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Ford's Driving Skills for Life program hosts a series an interactive driving simulation games to learn safe driving practices. Toyota also offers a driving simulation game, Head's Up, to get new drivers comfortable with steering. For help with parking, Driver's Ed Direct offers a game with realistic parking scenarios.

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Drivingskillsforlife.com offers three games: the Ford DSFL Experience, 5 O'Clock Challenge and Hazard Recognition Challenge. The Ford DSFL Experience game teaches vehicle handling, accident avoidance, and the dangers of distracted and impaired driving. The 5 O' Clock Challenge tests your ability to navigate on and off exit ramps and maneuver between vehicles. The Hazard Recognition Challenge is a timed concentration game intended to test your knowledge of driving rules.

Toyota's Head's Up game allows the player to learn the basics of steering on a distraction-free simulated driving course. Use the mouse to steer through the driving course, and hold the mouse clicker down to brake.

The parking game on Driverseddirect.com puts you through four levels of parking challenges that teach how to pull a car up, angle its tires properly, and safely park in both parking lots and situations requiring parallel parking.

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