What Is FW1 Cleaning Wax?


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FW1 cleaning wax is a product that cleans and shines vehicles such as cars, boats, motorcycles, RVs and planes. The product is applied to paint, rims, glass, plastic and chrome surfaces. Material that FW1 cleaning wax removes includes grease, tar, bug residue, tree sap and others.

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FW1 cleaning wax also helps restore faded paint by removing oxidation. The product is applied outdoors by spraying a light coat of cleaning wax onto the vehicle. The coat is then rubbed into the vehicle's surface using a clothe. FW1 cleaning wax should not be applied to convertible tops, tires, vehicle seats or the dashboard. To avoid hitting vehicle tires, spray FW1 cleaning wax directly onto a towel when cleaning near the vehicle rims.

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