What Are Some Futuristic Cars?


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Tesla's Model S cars are equipped with the Autopilot feature, which enables the car to automatically steer, match traffic speed, parallel park and change lanes, made safe with scanners that provide traffic-aware cruise control. Autopilot is becoming progressively more available via software updates for safety. However, data has shown that Autopilot has ultimately prevented crashes. The Model S is an electric car, enabling silent acceleration that requires just three seconds to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour.

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The Tesla Model X, estimated for release in late 2016, features a futuristic-looking falcon wing door design that allows easier access to second- and third-row seats than even sliding doors. The doors have built-in sensors and adjust their opening arc based on their surroundings, adapting for confined spaces such as small garages. Its aerodynamic design enables 250 miles of range before it must be charged.

The modern technology of the electric car is beneficial in numerous ways; they save Americans, on average, $2,000 to $4,000 per year in money that would have been spent on fuel. As electric car motors do not require near the same level of maintenance as traditional combustion engines, maintenance costs are cut substantially. They also run on clean energy, making them even better than hybrid cars for cutting the harmful emissions that are detrimental to our environment.

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