What Is the Fuse Layout for a Ford F150?

The fuses in the most recent Ford F150s are laid out in two panels: the power distribution box and the passenger compartment panel. The fuses in the power distribution box control the truck's main electrical systems. The passenger-compartment fuses control smaller systems, such as the locks and interior lamps.

The power distribution box fuse panel features 10 groups of fuses laid out in four rows. Fuses 84 through 92 control the trailer backup lamps, power points and cigar lighter. Fuses 93 through 113, which comprise the second and third groups, control a wide variety of crucial systems, including the vehicle power, cameras, brakes, cruise control and powertrain control module.

The second row of fuses, which includes fuses 54 through 83, is laid out in three groups. These fuses control the fuel pump, starter, blower, horn and wipers. The third row features three groups and includes fuses nine through 53. This section controls the seats, steering column, running boards and electric fans. The fourth row features a single group of fuses numbered one through eight and covers the telescoping side-view mirrors and rear window defroster.

The panel in the passenger compartment of the F150 houses 38 fuses. Numbers 29 through 37 run down one side and control the pedal switches, radio and relay for the power distribution box. Fuses 1 through 28 and 38 control interior systems such as the data link, climate control, windows and moon roof.