What Does the Fuse Box for a Chevy Silverado Look Like?


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The fuse box in the engine bay of a Chevy Silverado has a rectangular cover that when removed, reveals a bank of tiny, colorful two-pronged fuses. In between these and along the sides are larger rectangular and square fuses in black and shades of gray. The engine bay fuse box is on the driver's side near the power steering fluid container. A second fuse box is located in the cabin.

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The passenger cabin fuse box, which is located at the end of the dash on the driver's side, is rectangular and has only the small two-pronged fuses. It is also the connection point for electrical wires that power the dashboard and other cabin components. The box is hidden behind a cover that is shaped and colored to match the dashboard and the truck's interior.

Both fuse boxes have a fuse diagram on the underside of their covers. These diagrams are also found in the owner's manual. A white plastic fuse puller is located on the bottom of the passenger fuse box. This works with the two-pronged fuses, which are color coded according to amperage, but needle nose also pliers work equally well. Each electrical device on the truck, such as the wipers or dash lights, must have the correct fuse in order to work.

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