What Are Some Funny License Plate Sayings?


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Some funny license plate sayings are "IH8 PPL," "IMBROKE" and "WAS HIS." Some funny sayings play off of the car's make, such as "N BYOND" on an Infiniti, "VLAD THE" on an Impala, or "NOT OJ" on a white Ford Bronco.

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The vehicle style can add humor to a license plate, such as "UR NEXT" on a hearse, "WAS HIS" on a high-end sports car, or "LOL MPG" on a large, fuel-inefficient truck. Other funny license plate sayings include "IM A CAR," "VNTY PL8," and "IOU DAD." Some sayings play off of movies, such as "PROF X" on a handicapped plate, "KEDAVRA" for Harry Potter fans and "FLUXING" on a DeLorean DMC-12.

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