What Are Some Funny Ideas for a Personalized License Plate?


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Funny ideas for personalized license plates, or vanity plates, include short words describing a hobby, favorite movie, occupation or family name. Clever plates contain abbreviations, texting abbreviations, riddles or backwards words. Users submit many ideas for personalized license plates to websites such as CoolPl8z.com and R8Pl8z.com.

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What Are Some Funny Ideas for a Personalized License Plate?
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For example, someone with a very fast sports car may have plates that say "LYTESPD," "ZYONARA," "NVERL8" or "REDHARE." Some fans of "Star Wars" expressed their love the movies by having black cars with plates such as "DRTHVDR," "LRD V8R," "4RCEBWU" and "MYD4SBWU." Other plates make fun of police officers, including "I CUFF UM," "ALC HOL," "HIOFECR," "STOL3N" and "BYOFFCR."

Drivers get creative with license plate meanings in order to get around rules for vanity plates. For instance, the number 4 stands in for the letter A, the number 8 means the letter B, a 3 means a backwards letter E and a 5 replaces the letter S. The number 8 is also short for the "ate" sound in many words such as "l8r" for the word later.

Vanity plates on American vehicles vary from six to eight characters in length maximum, depending on the state where the vehicle is registered. In North Carolina, drivers can fit eight characters onto one plate. Drivers pay extra fees to have these plates made.

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