What Is the Function of a Tag Office?

What Is the Function of a Tag Office?

The tag office is a subset of the state-run Department of Revenue and the county-run Tax Commissioner's Office. It handles motor vehicle taxes, titles and tag registrations.

The state-run Department of Revenue covers all forms of state taxes, including not only motor vehicle taxes, but property taxes, fuel taxes, sales taxes, alcohol and tobacco taxes, and income taxes. Under the Department of Revenue is a subsection of offices that run at the county level.

These Tax Commissioner's offices handle local matters that adhere to county ordinances and regulations. The Tax Commissioner's office handles the collection and billing of property taxes. Property taxes include real estate, utilities, motor vehicle and motor home taxes. Upon collection, the taxes are then distributed to the appropriate state or national level government body. The Tax Commissioner's Office also handles distribution to county, city and even school bodies.

At the Tax Commissioner's Office, county residents can apply for new vehicle registrations as well as renew existing vehicle registrations, apply for vehicle license plates, handle title transfers, pay vehicle taxes, and learn about county requirements for insurance or emission testing.

Several large and densely populated counties provide tag office that is separate from the Tax Commissioner's Office, which specializes in handling motor vehicle matters. These offices are for the county resident's convenience and are interspersed throughout the county at convenient locations.