What Are Some Fun Facts About Volkswagon Campers?


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In 2009, it was announced that the one millionth T5 VW camper was built. That means that since the T5s were an average 5 meters in length, if they were placed bumper to bumper from the West Coast of the United States, they would reach the East Coast with a few thousand extra going into the Atlantic Ocean. Overall, over 10 million camper vans have been built and, if put bumper to bumper, would stretch across the whole world.

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Ferdinand Porsche, founder of Porsche cars, also founded Volkswagen in 1931 and did not put the vehicles on sale until 1950. Volkswagen campers come with a variety of different nicknames, with the most popular being the "hippie van." Although the Volkswagen camper has been used predominantly for camping over the decades, it was built for a variety of other uses including a particularly interesting looking pick-up truck.

The T2, which is arguably the most notable Volkswagen camper van, ceased production indefinitely in 2013, after 63 total years of production. The T2 was originally fitted with a 1.2-liter engine to push its massive body, but today, that engine is only 0.2 liters bigger than the engine of the Volkswagen's smallest car, the UP.

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