What Are Some Fun Ideas for Car Name Plates?


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Fun car name plates are those that incorporate the car owner's wit into the characters or logos existing in the unnamed plate. For example, one Alabama car owner chose "Theist" to make the car name plate read "Atheist" because of the letter "A" present on the Alabama Roll Tide license plate. Another fun idea is to use the car logo, like when an Infiniti car owner chose "And Beyond" for the plate number in reference to the "Toy Story" movie.

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Another fun car name plate idea is to incorporate the car owner's job, hobby or interests into the name plate. Name plate ideas that show off a driver's profession include "LOX" for locksmiths, "RUG" for carpet cleaners and "TAX" for accountants. Name plates that reveal hobbies and interests include "T33 OFF" for golfers, "MUS1C" for musicians and "F1SH," "KOI" or "EEL" for fishing enthusiasts.

Name plates can also be used to spell out the nickname of the car owner or a loved one, like "J4N" for Jan, "P3NNY" for Penny or "T1MMY" for Timmy. However, using one's own name on a plate can be problematic for those with very common names, as these are likely to have existing owners. A surname can also be included in the name plate if you can think of clever ways to shorten it, like JMS DN for James Dean.

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