What Are Some Fun Facts About Cars?


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Some fun facts about cars are that more than more one billion cars saw operation in the year 2010 and that it takes about half an ounce of gasoline to start the average car. An average car takes about 25 hours to build, and in the United States, one person dies in a traffic crash every 12 minutes, on average.

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The average car contains more than 30,000 unique parts. Some of these parts are small items such as screws and pins. While the average car needs 25 hours for construction, 10 of those hours are strictly painting the car. The first cars built utilize levers for steering instead of wheels, and contain hand-crank engines. Of the one billion cars in use in 2010, approximately 250 million of those cars operated in the United States.

While it takes about half an ounce to gasoline to start the average car, by comparison, the average shot glass holds about one ounce of liquid. Keeping a car's gas tank filled is good for the car because it does not allow rust or debris to build up in the tank. However, adding gas beyond the tank's capacity damages the car, and fueling systems purposefully force the extra gas back into the fuel pump for safety.

Drunk drivers account for approximately one death out of every three driving deaths in the United States, but traffic analysts consider Russia the most dangerous country for driving.

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